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Threading, sometimes called epilation is an ancient method of hair removal which has its origins in India and Eastern world cultures. The technique is primarily used to shape eyebrows but can also be used to remove unwanted facial hair on the chin, lip, neck and around the ears. 

About Threading

What is Threading and How Does It Work? 

Threading technique is performed by using a thin cotton thread which is then twisted over the unwanted hair. When the cotton catches the hair follicles it removes them directly down to the root level. Threading removes a whole row of hair at a time as opposed to other techniques which only remove a single hair at a time. The result is a well-shaped and straighter line.

The Art of Threading

Threading is a natural method of hair removal and uses no chemicals or artificial waxes in order to perform the technique. Treatments are usually very quick and simple. Other benefits of threading include being kind to your skin, so a lunch time visit would be ideal as you can return to the office or workplace in the afternoon after treatment with no problems or discomfort.


Threading removes the hair from the root itself and this means there is no chance of in-growing hair taking place. Regular treatments can make for a finer growth and subdue excessive growth.


In addition to achieving the perfect eyebrow shape, threading can remove the smallest and finest of hairs which we believe cannot be achieved by other techniques.

What Are The Benefits of Threading?

Our qualified practitioners use twisted cotton thread, which is thin enough to remove your unwanted hair at the root level. It can be used for facial hair removal as well as eyebrow shaping techniques.


Unlike plucking your brows with tweezers, threading can remove entire rows of hair at one time. Using tweezers you are only removing one hair at a time.


When a large amount of hair is removed at once there can be some discomfort but using our professional method of threading and utilising fine, twisted cotton thread our qualified practitioners will make the whole process pain free. It will also be over so quickly and there will be no after pain sensation.